We believe in energy efficiency, sustainability, technology serving the people and protecting the environment.

At Smilics Technologies S.L., we design and manufacture integrated hardware and software solutions for the monitoring and management of electrical consumption in any type of installation, from domestic areas to large industry.

Our R&D and manufacturing facilities are located in the metropolitan area of the city of Barcelona.

We have extensive experience as manufacturers of metering equipment and as software developers, providing a smooth and pleasant user experience, as our main mission is to “make it easy”.

We commercialize our proprietary solutions worldwide, serving both individual customers and large international corporations.

At Smilics, we divide our product offering into four main product families:

  • Sensors, two families of split-core transformers and flexible current sensors.
  • Wibeee® Meters for domestic and industrial energy measurement and control, with Wibeee Nest software for monitoring and data readout.
  • 2Grid device for complete monitoring, control and management of low voltage secondary substations.
  • Mirubeee® solution, an intelligent manager of solar surpluses that helps the selfconsumer to make the most of the photovoltaic installation.