Our DIN Flex Series allows to adapt Rogowski coils to any standard …/1A measuring or protection device. It includes the integrator and makes the conversion from the typical mV output of the Rogowski coil to …/1A. The Dinflex /1A provides power to the clamps and allows simultaneously a scale selection. The DIN Flex Kit includes a Rogowski coil plus an adapter. Optionally it can include an external DC power supply to power the adapter. Thanks to its compact design, the adapter just requires 1 DIN module. It is ideal for retrofit or new installations, because they can be installed quickly and easily in any electrical installation, without the hassle of interrupting the electrical circuits. They measure the AC current with a full rejection of the DC component, very low temperature dependence, extremely low consumption and an excellent linearity.

DINFLEXS54 Adapter + Rogowski coil with 54 cm of perimeter, 14mm section and 17cm diameter. Selection of 100 / 1kA / 10kA scale. Power 18-24Vdc. Output 1Aac.

Option external power supply.

Optionally in IP65. Consult.