The Wibeee ONE devices are very special meters. Its patented design allows easy installation and fully integration into the electrical panel, so that they are always hidden and protected in the electrical cabinet. The possibility of completely hiding the meter is interesting not only for an aesthetic, it is also useful in applications where you do not want to allow access to the meter and protect it from manipulation or subtraction (in energy audits for example).

These electric meters are powered directly from the electrical panel (without batteries) with a connection to the electrical terminals by means of magnets, very easy, without need of tools. The measured consumption data is sent to the Internet via WiFi or by NB-IoT (SIM card), depending on the model.


The Wibeee ONE 3W (3 Wires) is suitable for THREE PHASE installations up to 65A. It is the most compact three-phase meter in the market.

It has an internal memory to store up to a month of data in case of loss of Internet connection.