Rogowski coils have some features that make them very different from standard current transformers. The most remarkable ones are: 1.- The output they provide is in mV. 2.- They provide the proportional value of the current, but shifted 90º. 3.- They do not saturate. When we use a Rogowski coil in combination with a measuring or protection device, we need to place some electronics to integrate the signal and, additionally, we need to adapt the standard current input which traditionally has been …/1A or …/5A to support a 100mV signal. When the integrator/electronics is placed inside the Rogowski sensor, then we talk about an active Rogowski coil. Those electronics inside will make the integration, they will help in the selection of the scale and usually they also increase a little bit the level of the signal from mV to V. But they also require to power them, either from the measuring or protection device or to power them from an external source. When using those, the measuring or protection device will still need adapting the current input from …/1A or …/5A to …/2V input. Our R FLEX Series of Rogowski coils, flexible CTs or flexible current sensors are ideal for retrofit or new installations, because they can be installed quickly and easily in any electrical installation, without the hassle of interrupting the electrical circuits. They are powered at 9-12Vdc and they allow the change of the scale using a logical selection (01, 10, 11). At the same time, they measure the AC current with a full rejection of the DC component, very low temperature dependence, extremely low consumption and an excellent linearity.

Active Rogowski coil with 80cm of perimeter, 14mm section and 38cm diameter. Selection of 200/2kA/20kA scale. Power supply 9-12Vdc. Typical voltage output 2V full scale.

Other scales or outputs on demand.

Optionally in IP65. Consult.